Douglas A4B 'Skyhawk'

Designed as a carrier borne attack aircraft, the A-4 Skyhawk was nicknamed 'Bantam Bomber'. Although small, it can carry a very heavy weapon load plus two cannon.

Variants have gone from A-4A through to -4S. The two-seat trainer is designated TA-4. All versions from the F model onwards carry a dorsal hump containing avionics equipment, while the -4M was the first sub-type to be known as Skyhawk II.

The Skyhawk has a top speed of 675 mph and a range of 700 n.m. Some 2.960 were built and production has been completed. Various update programs are being carried out on A-4s.


Country of origin: USA
Engine: 1x J65 Turbojet
Wingspan: 27'6"
Length: 39'4"
Range: 700 n.m.
Source: Jane's 'World Aircraft recognition handbook'.

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